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Each month, we delve deep into the Image Quest Marine archive to bring you special features on some of the most fascinating subjects covered by our collection. Visit the links below and start exploring with us.  



September 2019

Take a look at one of the ocean's most colourful inhabitants, the nudibranch, in our September feature.


August 2019

The graceful tern is our subject for this month's gallery.



July 2019

This month, we are sharing our photographers' spectacular images of lionfish.


June 2019

Discover Peter Parks' micro-photography of copepods in this month's feature.



May 2019

We take a look at the beauty of Moon Jellyfish in our May feature.



April 2019

We are raising awareness of Mangroves in April's Monthly Porthole.



March 2019

Whale sharks - the ocean's biggest fish - are our choice for March's Monthly Porthole.



February 2019

Our beautiful images of squid are in the spotlight this month.



January 2019

Happy New Year from Image Quest Marine! We're kicking off 2019 with a feature on a very special aquatic bird, the penguin.



December 2018

We're wishing our Image Quest Marine customers a very Merry Christmas with our Winter Wonderland image collection.


November 2018

We're championing Manatee Awareness Month with our special November manatee gallery. 


October 2018

The striking manta ray is our pick for October's Monthly Porthole feature. 


September 2018

To mark International Year of the Reef, we're sharing stunning coral reef scenes in September. 



August 2018

We're off on our summer holidays for August's Porthole feature. 



July 2018

This month, we're celebrating the ocean's most playful creature, the dolphin.

The weird and wonderful world of seahorses comes under focus in June.
Enjoy the beautiful colours of cuttlefish in our May porthole feature.


Growing to over 100 ft long, the deadly Portuguese Man o' War is the subject of April's feature.